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We are happy to announce the November 15th, 2012 release of new our reference book 'Donation Badges, Pins & Pendants of the Third Reich'!

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Two books are better than one...

'Donation Badges, Pins & Pendants of the Third Reich'

Our newest offering is much larger and covers a much wider range of organizations and items than our first 'collectors Guide'. This book comes in at 316 pages with over 1,200 items and 1,150 different color photos! The book will cover 17 different organizations and feature items such as tinnies, badges, pins, post cards, donation cans, paper items and much much more! Buyers will get a choice of an easy to use 'Spiral-O' binding for $54.95 or a hard bound edition for $64.95. If you intend to use your book as an active 'check list' we suggest the 'Spiral-O' option as you will be able to lay the book flat on a table and not risk damaging the spine.

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'Winterhilfswerk...National Sreet/House Collections & More...A Collector's Guide'

132 pages featuring over 800 different items with over 550 color photos. The book covers everything from Street/House Collections, Post Cards, Postage Stamps, Certificates and much, much more!

You can view the front & rear cover below as well as sample pages from the book. All 800 different items will be featured in full color.

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For our European friends...

We understand that most if not all European collectors have built their collections using a different Catalog numbering system. In an effort to help ease the confusion, we have put together a comparison using our numbering system and the commom European system. You can download this file in 3 different file types; Adobe (PDF), EXCEL & Word. Just click below on the file type that you would prefer.

Europe to USA PDF File

Europe to USA EXCEL File

Europe to USA Word Doc.